Installation, metalworking, planning, transport engineering, automotive, construction and electro


Employees in company JP.Montage d.o.o. constantly strive to achieve vision and set goals of a company policy. By doing this we develop and practice a working environment based on quality, protecting the environment and ensuring safety and health at work.

Basic principles of the quality policy and direction of the company in terms of vision and goals are:

  • We provide profitable and economical operation of the company and the realization of the goals and expectations from the perspective of our customers and other partners;
  • We monitor the situation and technology development of our services which is necessary to achieve the requirements of different customers;
  • Contract work is performed only by a verified employees with appropriate skills;
  • At company’s goals we also include employer’s goals and expectation.
  • Safety at work and health protection are fundamental features which are developed in compliance with the valid requirements and standards in the world;
  • We respect the policies of preserving existing partners, acquiring new and cooperation with them.


Create and maintain an effective system of health and safety at work is also one of our basic objectives in our company, because the provision of health and safe working conditions is a fundamental right, duty and responsibility of all employees.

Environmental protection is one of the basic conditions for the healthy and steady development. In company we provide for the environmental protection appropriate supervision of every work processes. Special attention is also devoted to:

  • Preventing work-related accidents in the future and reduce them to a bare minimum;
  • Prevention of occupational illnesses and in the future reduce them to a minimum;
  • Preventing negative impacts for the environment and the occurrence of material damage;
  • Efforts to continuously improve the standard of safety and health at work and the relationship to the environment (organized system of separation of hazardous waste, waste management plan, etc.).


With a systematic approach we systematically try to reduce any risks to a bare minimum. This include and will in future include all the employees because it is possible to implement effective actions for ensuring safety and health at work only by combined efforts and motivation of every employee. This is how we will ensure a high quality of our service.